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Corinne Gibbons is an exceptional person with a talent beyond her voice and creative output. She has a remarkable talent to connect with people and to connect people to others. What a tour de force smashing success. Thank you for making magic!

Tim Love, Chief Executive Officer, Omnicom’s Asia Pacific India Middle East Africa (APIMA) region.



HK Women’s Singing Meditation!

I feel so inspired by the gathering I shared with the wonderful women in HK and their divine voices! Thank you Ladies. A very special thank you to Karen Hay for organising  the session!

We made the first recording for our gift for International Women’s Day 2017!!

A deep bow to Carole King for writing such an exquisite song “Way Over Yonder” is truly nourishing in lyrics, melody and spirit!

I’ll be back in Hong Kong soon and I look forward to our reconnection!

My every warm wish to all!



March 8th, Women’s Singing Meditation in Hong Kong!


Ladies let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Limited spaces available Book Now!

On March 8th I am going to be hosting a Women’s Singing Meditation in Hong Kong and I’d love for you to come join this joyful oasis of song.

This experience is definitely for you if you have felt afraid to sing.

This experience is also for you if you feel that you can channel Adele.

And this experience is for you if you’ve been singing all your life as an amateur or professionally.

Truly this experience is a safe place for everyone’s voice to blossom.

Click on this link  http://tickets.discoveryourvoice.co  for tickets and more detailed information.

I look forward to supporting your voice lovingly,


Live joy …love joy…be joy…singing is the path to joy.



What an amazing experience! 

I am honoured to have been part of the inaugural Wisdom Womens Gathering in Esalen 2016!

Collaborating with my dear friend Rachel Bagby and co-creating Be Hold Beheld with an extraordinary group of women joined in song, a delicious beginning to what I know will be a divine connection going forward.

Michelle Stransky and Miriam Tassone bravo for your inspired vision. Congratulations on birthing this beautiful gathering. Thank you to Esalen, such a stunning environment and wonderful container for this garden to grow. Long may it flourish.



Happy Days with MHDHK!

I recently received over 30 letters from team members at MHDHK and Macua – here’s a sneak peek at a few.


*Excellent and Unforgettable.I know nothing on Music, but I think Corinne is so great to compose    a song with our company theme / goals, and at the same time, we can learn it with all the staffs in 3 hours. During the workshop, it deployed a clear message to us that if we all focus with the same goals and work together, we are unbeatable. 

*This activity gave me energy… Thank you so much to Corinne. Thanks to offer such a JOY, passionate, cooperate, wonderful company activity that we have never experienced before! Also thanks to fulfill my regret of not joining school chorus before 🙂

*The experience was fantastic yesterday, It was amazing to see the whole team being so involved, concentrated and participated to learn and sing the song at their best. I love the melody of the song, and the meaning of the lyrics.

*It was enjoyable experience. I personally really enjoyed singing with big group of colleagues and had fun. Corinne is energetic, feel her true passion which greatly motivated me let go for a moment and enjoy myself singing. Last but not the least, Corinne has a great voice 🙂 and now we have a MHD company song!

*I think it’s an amazing initiative to elevate team spirits and the means via song composition and singing is great!!     We have never done so and such act will last forever with the video taken for good memory. Corinne is also a wonderful facilitator with talent.



Happy New Year!

May Joy take you further in 2016! May deeper greater vision expand your possibilities  and connection to community. May you feel supported by your own voice and the voices of those around you to to be the best you can be. Here is a link to the song supporting this beautiful vision from MHDHK and Macau.

It’s a Live Recording!!


MHDHK and Macau!!

What a wonderful theme! “Joy Will Take You Further”!

I firmly believe it will.

Such an inspiring session with you all and congratulations on an extraordinary achievement. I’ve just seen the video and been transported back to a joyous moment shared with you all.

Believe in one another and the… possibility… we are one, we are love, we are free.

I really look forward to continued collaborations


May the celebrations continue!