Discover how magical it is to sing together.

How Each Team Building Workshop Begins

There is scientific evidence to support that we sang before we spoke, singing is in our DNA.

Each “Discover Your Voice” team building workshop session begins with warm-up exercises and familiar songs that we sing together. Usually people walk into the room and they haven’t been told they’re about to experience a singing session. During our session your team is given the opportunity to discover the natural musician in us all.

The Shared Experience

• Anyone will tell you what a phenomenal body sensation you experience as being part of a choir.

• Creating a unified expereince where every voice matters equally for all who attend is our goal. Whilst the focus is on fun, connecting to your voice freely has a positive impact on the individual as well as on a collective level.

• Singing songs that connect with your vision and values has a long-lasting impact.

Customise Your Next Team Building Event

We would be happy to tailor a customised team-building workshop designed to support you and your team’s unique needs, company values or special event or retreat. We work with groups of all sizes, from senior executive leadership teams to company-wide sessions for small to large-scale multinational companies.  Let’s discuss making your next event truly memorable.

Some of Our Clients Include…

Corinne Gibbons has the rarest of gifts amongst teachers – enthusiasm for her craft, an honest and encouraging manner with acute intuition, and an ability to infect others with her passion for singing. Learning to sing with her was an experience in freedom.

Dr. Melody Caramins

CEO, National Pathology Australia

Corinne is a talented singer, songwriter and team building facilitator. Always a delight to work with. Very professional and flexible.  She can make your event more personal and impactful.

Robin Lokerman

President, Asia & Americas MCI

During the workshop, it deployed a clear message to us that if we all focus with the same goals and work together, we are unbeatable.


MHDHK and Macau

Wonderful music…To bring everybody together and make us recognise the importance of team work.

Carlos Tessarollo

Director, Petrobras Singapore

Working with Discover Your Voice was a delight. With inspiration from our global team, Corinne wrote the song “dreaming on the outside” that was written to capture the spirit and theme of our company conference. As a teambuilding exercise, we recorded the song, trained and built an MCI choir of 100 members of staff and performed it to an audience of over 1000 people.

This was an amazing experience and we were all astounded at the result. It was one of the most powerful teambuilding activities we have organised and we will definitely explore using this service again!

Guy Bigwood

Sustainability Director, MCI Group