Australian singer/songwriter Corinne Gibbons was joined by award-winning songwriters Donnell Spencer Jr. and Mo Pleasure alongside guitarist Skip Dorset and bassist Sam Sims to write and record “Stay Sensitive” for Singapore mental health and suicide prevention charity “Over The Rainbow” at Richie B’s Free Energy Device Studios in Sydney. The musical crew Corinne serendipitously assembled for the project were out here performing with the “Michael Jackson Experience” tour.

“We’ve been talking for a long time about doing a song,” Mo Pleasure says. “And then last week, Corinne was like, by next week we want to write a song and have it recorded. And here we are actually within the week, getting it finished. And bringing in some of my brothers which I never imagined we’d be able to do.”

“It’s always a unique experience when you’re requested to write a song for a particular purpose,” Corinne says of the song. “Often, you just follow your own creative juices when you’re writing. Whatever you are inspired by is what you write the song about. But it was interesting in this case because we all have had different experiences with depression, or with someone we’ve lost through suicide,” she says.

Corinne Gibbons – “Stay Sensitive”

“My friend that works in the trauma ward in one of the big hospitals in Singapore said that one of the things that really works with the young people in particular that she counsels is [saying] you owe it to your future self to stay alive,” Corinne told Donnell Spencer Junior during the songwriting session. The line became an integral part of the song they wrote together with Mo Pleasure.

“I got into piano when I was four years old,” songwriter and pianist Mo Pleasure says. “I’ve been playing it my whole life,” he adds. “I’ve played with a lot of artists, and great musicians like these [gesturing to his co-musicians on “Stay Sensitive” session] over thirty years. Their resumes are incredible, everything from Britney Spears to Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake. We’ve got incredible songwriter who’s worked with everyone from Stevie Wonder to all the greats of the industry. He’s got quite a few Grammy-winning songs out there. So, Corinne Donnell and myself wrote the song … my brothers here brought it to life.”

“I’m the guitarist on this project and I’m glad to be a part of it because I have a family member that suffers from some of the same things that this project is about, so it’s personal to me,” guitarist Skip Dorset says. “I’m glad to be able to lend my hands to this,” he continues.

Watch the behind-the-scenes feature on Corinne’s YouTube channel above. To learn more about “Over The Rainbow” visit their official website.