Every year, after taking a break over Christmas, my New Year begins the same way. I sit down and I plan out my year with a strong cup of coffee. I write on a big piece of cardboard:

  • The songs that I want to write.
  • The workshops I want to produce.
  • The clients that I want to collaborate with — and how many clients, and when these collaborations will take place.
  • The composite of music making, mentoring, products, services, and tickets that I’ll need to sell in order to reach that goal: the amount I want to earn.

This year, I did something radical.

One of my ephiphanies, a somewhat radical idea was to plan in my outdoor adventures amongst all of this work. Yes I know – CRAZY!! Part of what inspires me is connecting deeply with places and people of beauty.

Pictured: Sunrise over the sea

This year alone I have been to the USA twice for work. In between my work, I have visited Florida, Moab, Nevada City, LA and Colorado to hike, explore and make music with dear friends.

I also attended a monument dedication to Martin Luther King in St Augustine Florida on April 4th. This was in a word, spectacular! I really deeply appreciate and admire Martin Luther King’s contribution to the world. He was only 39 when he passed and being present for the commemoration of his passing was a real honour and privilege. The event was inspired by my dear friends Richard Cooke and Frog. I have no idea what Frog’s surname is and I’m sure this would make him smile.

Pictured: the wall at the Martin Luther King dedication – these tiles were made by children and are a permanent part of the art installation/monument.

It’s deeply nourishing for my work to take this time out and to appreciate places of natural beauty in amongst recording, writing and producing my next musical offerings. It’s JUNE and so much is happening work wise and so much adventuring in between is creating a beautiful balance and constant inspiration!

Pictured: the mountains of Colorado

The next radical idea – I am going to record a new album. I have so much I want to share. I am blessed to have THE most incredible team around me. Some of the world’s most gifted musicians and yes some are famous and some are infamous, such a nice combination in my opinion.

Happy to share more soon – feel free to reach out if you’d like to know more at corinnegibbons [at] me.com. Setting the intention of exploringand adventure as a part of this years journey has been such a beautiful touchstone and is supporting my creativity beyond any forecasting my intuition may have had.