“If all the birds in the woods compared their voices the woods would be silent.”
Henry van Dyke Jr

Corinne Gibbons

The story below explains why I became a singer and how understanding this enables me to serve in all the roles I play.

Why I do what I do…

I am the eldest of three girls. There is only 18 months between my sister closest to me. When I was three years old my parents were concerned about my sister who had developed a stutter so they sort advice to support her voice. One Doctor suggested to them that they hush me when I attempted to speak for my sister which would enable her the space to talk. My parents took on the advice. It was at the age of three I started to sing. I was not reprimanded when I sang. Whilst the doctor’s advice was not good it had a very positive impact on me.

Music became one of my languages.
My deep desire to communicate through song was born from an early age and brings so much joy to my life as a performing artist and writer. Holding space for others to connect to their singing voice and bring that possibility forward to reality is inspired by the journey I experienced as a child. I didn’t realise the impact of this moment in my childhood until I discovered meditation and was able to tune in more deeply to what makes me tick.

Playing a few career roles as a Singer/writer, Teambuilding Facilitator/coach and advocate for Children’s voices may appear diverse, they all have one thing in common. Music is the medium at the heart of everything I weave.

I remember the first time I shared songwriting as part of my teambuilding offering. I collaborated with MCI and 30 CSR directors from around the world to compose a song called “Dreaming on the Outside”. We recorded the song in Paul Sutin’s (from the band YES) studio in Gland Switzerland. The premise was to raise funds to support Phil and Orianne Collin’s charity “The Little Dream’s Foundation.” Some very talented young people supported by the LDF recorded with us.

I then trained a choir of 160 MCI staff to sing the song and perform it in the Montreux market place to raise funds for the charity. We raised over $25000 Euro in 20 minutes. We then performed the song to the entire MCI staff of 1000 people attending the IBM who joined in with us on the chorus of the song. It was a magical experience!

Feeling the dynamic shift when people discover they can sing and create harmony together is the mystical charm of our common language. Witnessing the spark of musical ease for young people when they share their thoughts in songwriting and sing with freedom, pure magic. Sharing my souls voice in song with an audience, I feel at home.

I am motivated by the roles I play and grateful to be part of peoples musical discovery.

I believe every voice matters. I believe music is for all.

Team Building With Heart

Discover Your Voice has personally committed time and resources into under privileged communities across the globe with a focus on children’s charities and education. 

Recently Discover Your Voice worked with the One Mob Dreaming Choir on the Far South Coast Of NSW to support 50 indigenous children to perform at the Giiyong Festival. The children debuted to an audience of over 5000 people.

We are interested to hear what your CSR dreams are and how we may partner with you to facilitate them.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Generating opportunities for children to connect to their voice and tune into their imaginations has been a joyful journey for our team who have literally connected with thousands of young people around the world over the last 20 years. We have been honoured to support many collaborations with community through connecting corporations directly through their CSR programs.

Please see our video below of Our first CSR collaboration with MCI at their IBM in Switzerland where we collaborated with Phil and Orianne Collin’s Charity the Little Dreams Foundation.

Some of Our Clients Include…

Corinne presented a workshop at our all office retreat. Initially, there was a great amount of reluctance from the vast majority of people to sing publically, but with Corinne’s skills and encouragement, she got even the most reluctant of people involved and having a great time. The singing has continued, and become a staple of our staff functions! It’s great to see how what we learnt from Corinne has bought us a great sense of camaraderie and fun!

Nicholes Law Firm Melbourne

“Corinne Gibbons is an amazing facilitator and heartfelt singer. Corinne conducted her Discover your voice workshop at the 2018 NSW Rural Women’s Gathering in Merimbula, in the space of 20 minutes Corinne was able to connect the voices of all 120 women in the room, even those who at the beginning were reluctant were embracing every word by the end of the 20 minutes and chanted for the opportunity for an encore. What Corinne was able to do in such a short space of time was phenomenal, it was a transformational experience for everyone in the room. With her professional and heartfelt facilitation Corinne created space where the women were able to express their emotions, allowing them to leave feeling rejuvenated and inspired. The women who attended all said that it was the most amazing experience they have ever had and were buzzing with excitement. I couldn’t recommend Corinne Gibbon’s Discover your voice workshop more highly.”

April Merrick

Chief Executive Officer, Chairperson 2018 NSW Rural Women's Gathering, Merimbula

Just sitting at the airport and listening with my kids to our song. I love it – the fun and energy of the team is pouring out of the song. My kids are deeply impressed with what I do at work.

Karin Hagen-Gierer

Procurement Unilever, Chairperson 2018 NSW Rural Women's Gathering, Merimbula